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Summer Night Jazz in Lilburn

Don’t miss the fun and excitement with local artist Toni Byrd & band at the Jazz Night in Lilburn on August 22nd, between 5pm and 8pm, a charity event organized by Saints Constantine & Helen Romaian Orthodox Church. The venue address is 664 Dickens Rd NW, Lilburn, GA. Tickets (40$/adult) are available online now. Cocktail food, drink (limited to one) and kids entertainment (magic show, movie and more) are included in the price.

Purchase your tickets now!

The 2014 Fall Edition of the Romanian Festival

On October 11th and 12th come and taste our traditional food and enjoy the folkloric music and dances. The admission is free. Bring your friends and family as we will have live traditional food cooking, museum tours, kids activities. This edition we have many surprises. "Like" our facebook page to stay informed.

A Preview of the Show

Vlăduța Lupău

Vlăduţa comes from a beautiful and historical region of Romania, Valea Barcăului, from Sălaj County. This is an area that primarily links with Bihor County but also with Cluj, Satu-Mare and Maramures Counties.

Vlăduţa started to sing when she was 4, and before turning 5 she held her first performance on National Romanian TV. At 16, she started to take the folk singing professionally by attending and winning prizes at important Romanian Folk competitions: first prize at Rapsodia Românească competition in 2006, first prize at Maria Lătărețu competition also in 2006, grand prize at Maria Tănase competition in 2007.

Currently Vlăduţa enjoys the success of her first folk album I sing for the heart which contains 16 songs from Sălaj area. This album was born from the collaboration with the orchestra led by maestro Ovidiu Bartes.

Come and see Vlăduța Lupău performing at the Romanian Fall Festival on the 11th and 12th of October!

Alexandru Brădățan

Another special guest this year is Alexandru Brădățan. He's coming from Bukovina, an old historical province of Romania which is very rich both in traditions and spirituality.

Like Vlăduța Lupău, he is an award winning performer who won the Mamaia festival trophy in 2008 and the first prize at Moștenitorii - Tezaur Folcloric competition.

Alexandru is performing both on 11th and 12th.

Meet the kids artists: Matthew Ionescu

For the first time at the Romanian Festival, our own Matthew Ionescu will play the recorder together with his teacher, Ms. Teodora Stoyanova.

Matthew Ionescu is a Knight Elementary 1st grader who has started playing recorder (an old form of flute) last year in October. He would like to learn playing flute but the instrument is too big for him now. Matthew is fascinated by the sea animals and he loves building with Legos. His mom is very happy about Mathew choosing the recorder path vs. the trumpet.

Come to see Matthew playing at the Festival on October 12th!

Meet the artists: Diana Toma

Diana Toma is an award winning Romanian visual artist currently living and creating in Atlanta, Georgia. Deeply influenced by the European culture but enriched with American flavor her style arrived at a unique cross between the elegance of classics and the spontaneity of street art. Diana's quest is to move, touch and inspire the audience, engaging the viewers to participate as the subject matter.

We thank Diana again for creating this year's Romanian Fall Festival Official Poster! Come to the Festival Sunday October 12th to meet Diana and see her selected works!

Discover Romania


A Slice of Romania

Coming to our Romanian Fall Festival is a very good way to get introduced to the delicious, mouth watering Romanian food. The vicinity with the Balkan peninsula, at the crossroads between West and Est, the Romanian cuisine - an emphatic and almost narcissistic term, as a Romanian writer and folklorist has observed - encompasses a fine range of Turkish, Polish, Jewish, Austrian, Greek, French and Russian dishes. But you will hardly recognize any of them. Each recipe passed through a sieve of Romanian creativity, which often with humor, made it right. Take for instance the famous sarmale: the Greeks, the Turks and the Polish make this dish too, but only in Romania is made this way, with cabbage and smoked pork and sour cream and dill, slowly cooked for hours in a clay pot in the oven.

This doesn't mean that we don't have pure Romanian recipes: papușile cu dragavei, pasca. Others, like mititeii are so spread across the country that they were adopted as being a national dish.

Try Our Desserts

La pièce de résistance in our cuisine is the dessert. Puffy pastries, delicate cakes, hearty turnovers will indulge your tasting buds. Pair it with a sweet white wine from Cotnari or Tarnava Valey and you have a perfect, decadent finish for your meal, Romanian style.

This year at the Romanian Fall Festival we invite you to taste the black and white cake, napoleon cake, sour cherries turnovers, rum babas, and the famous poale-n brâu and cozonac .


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Romanasul Ensemble Daria Anamaria Ferentz Hora Elena Costumes I Costumes II Ballroom dances Mostenitorii Dans de Codru


664 Dickens Rd., Lilburn, GA 30047

Parking on site is free, but limited, so come early. Other parking options are available at Lilburn Corners Shopping Center by Publix, 375 Rockbridge Rd. NW, Lilburn. Free shuttle available.

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